Komio Block Blueprint
Note: This Block was build for Komios and our owners, now we designed it to be a base camp for Komio resistance and the shelter for human and us…
What happend ?
Komio Game Room
A shelter room Komios parpered for every new arrivers, Robot house keeper is ready to meet his owner and handover the passcard.
Driver is waiting
Komio Lab
Used to be Dr. Grady`s personal lab, now Komios work with him in here to create more Komios for the resistance. If you are interested about Komio NFT.
Komio Office
Work place for those block builders, if you are interested about this team.
Komio Club
A place to chill, seems everyone can get in there for fun and meet new friends.
Get in there
Komio Meeting Room
Used to be an abandoned bank vault, now become a meeting room for Komios to announcement new message and broadcast for everyone.
Follow the news
Komio Secret Basement
Only few Komios and Dr. Grady himself know what`s really going on in there. Some says Dr. Grany is doing a test with some old worthless NFTs, and somehow it become another new NFT after a flash of light.