The Komio Tale



Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. this one came in the form of A scientist - and avid gamer - living in the small city of Port Orchard, Washington in the early 21st century. Dr. Ronald Grady was a brilliant chemical engineer researching new recycling techniques at a lab in nearby Seattle. Dr. Grady had devised a strategy for dealing with complex mixtures of plastics that would prevent 100 milion tons of mixed plastic containers from ending up in landflls every year.
But when the trials to get it approved kept failing, he discovered that the lab was being secretly funded by plastic manufacturers; his corrupt bosses were sabotaging his trials. Dr. Grady quit and tried to blow the whistle, but the powerful PR firm hired by the plastic companies destroyed his reputation. Unable to get another chemical engineering job, Dr. Grady was forced to retire.
A lifelong gamer, Dr. Grady decided to spend his “retirement” creating his own video game. Having devoted thousands of hours and dollars to the video games he had played over the years, Dr. Grady decided to integrate blockchain technology into his game so that players could be financially rewarded for playing. He tokenized the in-game assets, such as weapons and supplies, on the blockchain so that players had an opportunity to make profits off of buying and selling them. Dr. Grady also created a cryptocurrency to be used for the in-game commerce,
as well as for the rewards that the game would issue players for their participation; his idea was that players would eventually be able to exchange the game currency for other crypto or fiat currencies on external exchanges. After all of his hard work creating an awesome game that was both super-fun and lucrative for people to play, Dr. Grady was unable to launch the game on a mass scale because he didn’t have the money, connections, or pre-existing following. Through social media and online gaming networks, he slowly built a small but devoted community of players for his game, one-by-one.
The game Dr. Grady created was an apocalypse survival game called Techpocalypse, in which a world war involving electromagnetic bombs had knocked out all the internet, phones, etc. In the game, players had to navigate their way through a dangerous apocalyptic landscape - without GPS or phones - to a safe city with specific coordinates on the game map.
Dr. Grady named the game’s safe city Cosmo’s City, after his beloved pet Birman cat, Cosmo. He named characters in the game after his other three Birman cats, Jerry, George, and Elaine. Dr. Grady even trained all four of his cats to play Techpocalypse, but Elaine was the only cat to ever beat the game. Dr. Grady used the coordinates of his city Port Orchard for the fictional game city of Cosmo’s City. He thought using his actual hometown coordinates was a fun little easter egg that didn’t mean much, but this was a decision that would end up saving countless lives in the years to come.
The apocalypse came, but not in the way Dr. grady had predicted in his game. It wasn’t electromagnetic bombs, or nuclear weapons, or any manmade technology... it wasn’t even humans that caused the destruction. It was animals. Giant mutant bears descended on the towns and cities around the world and destroyed everything and everyone in their paths. Humans fought back with their weapons of course, but the collateral damage of those weapons was greater than the damage done to the bears. The result was a decimated planet with scattered human survivors and dangerous bears still roaming around.
Living near numerous wooded areas where bears had come from, Dr. Grady used drones to scour the woods to try to figure out what had transformed these bears and started the Bearpocalypse. His drone discovered the wreckage of an alien ship and the remains of aliens killed by bears. Dr. Grady survived the dangerous journey into the woods and brought home as much as he could carry of the alien ship wreckage.
As Dr. Grady was examining the wreckage, his cat Jerry licked a piece and mutated into a six-foot tall cat with the physical and mental capabilities of a human. Dr. Grady realized the alien substance Jerry licked was what had transformed the bears as well. Using his chemical engineering skills, Dr. Grady replicated the alien substance in the form of a potion, which he then fed to his other three cats, mutating them as well.
That night, as Dr. Grady drank his nightly cup of tea in bed, his four mutant cats, Jerry, George, Elaine, and Cosmo - behaving like humans drank glasses of milk on the couch in Dr. Grady’s bedroom. A distraught Dr. Grady told his cats about the Bearpocalypse and their slim chances for longterm survival. Dr. Grady had tears in his eyes as he went to sleep. Jerry, George, and Cosmo looked at each other, scared and confused, but Elaine had a glimmer in her eye...
The next morning, Dr. Grady got out of bed and opened the curtains. A mutant cat - that was NOT Jerry, George, Elaine, or Cosmo - was perched outside the window on a ladder, washing the window. Dr. Grady screamed in shock. Startled, the mutant cat fell off the ladder (but landed on his feet, of course). Dr. Grady’s eyes grew wider in shock as he saw through the window that his front yard was teeming with mutant cats he had never seen before... mowing the lawn, planting flowers, painting the house, rebuilding the fence, and so on.
Dr. Grady rushed down the stairs to find his first floor also full of mutant cats. A mutant cat vacuuming the rug greeted him, “Good morning, Dr. Grady.”
Another mutant cat cooking breakfast on the stove asked, “Dr. Grady, do you want your eggs scrambled or sunny-side-up?”
Before the bewildered Dr. Grady could answer, George hollered from the game room, “Sunny, extra runny! Isn’t that right, Dr. G?”
Dr. Grady rushed into the game room to find George teaching another mutant cat how to play Techpocalypse on Dr. Grady’s computer. “Great game, Dr. Grady,” she said.
“Thanks,” Dr. Grady nodded, “George, can I speak to you?”
“Of course,” George paused the game and followed Dr. Grady into the hallway.
“What’s up?! What the hell is going on? Where’d all these cats come from?”
“Oh, these aren’t cats,” George said, “These are Komios.”
“Komio is a word in our language,” George smiled, “It roughly translates to Gaming God.” “But how did they get mutated?!” Dr. Grady was losing it. Jerry popped his head in from the living room, “How do you think? We fed them your potion.” “You stole the potion from my lab?! Why would you do that?”
Elaine led Dr. Grady to the front doorway to show him all the Komios fixing up the block. “For you, the world may have just ended. But for us, it is just beginning,” Elaine explained to Dr. Grady, “You were a good master to us, but a lot of our friends here weren’t treated as well. We’re going to build a new city without masters, where Komios and humans and all creatures will be equal and free to do whatever they want.”
“Except for mice, of course,” Cosmo called out from the yard, “We kill mice.” Elaine smiled and winked at Cosmo. Though Dr. Grady was still trying to process everything that was happening, he couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of pride.

The world

Chapter One

When techpocalypse players started showing up in port orchard,, DR. Grady realized that his video game had unintentionally prepared its players for the Bearpocalypse. The players did what they did in the game; they hid in their basements when the war was going on, and then using an assortment of easy-to-find materials, made the trip to the coordinates of the safe city. Because Dr. Grady had used his actual hometown coordinates, the players were able to now find the real-life safe city the Komios were building.
Because they had inherited Dr. Grady’s love of gaming and gamers, and because everybody needed their spirits lifted after the Bearpocalypse, Jerry, George, Elaine, and Cosmo - or the Core Four, as they came to be known designed a plan for a city that revolved around gaming.
Cosmo wanted to name the new city Cosmo’s City like the fictional city in Techpocalypse, but he was outvoted by the rest of the Core Four, who all agreed to name it Komio City. In the new Komio City, people would be encouraged to play games and to create their own games. In accordance with Dr. Grady’s original vision for his game, gamers would get to participate creatively and financially in all the games they played through the use of blockchain technology.
Because of the struggle Dr. Grady went through to find players for his game, there would be ways for game creators in Komio City to easily find players for their games and launch them. After their former lives as house pets with masters, the Komios planned to welcome all newcomers as partners in building Komio City to be the light in the darkness that was created by the Bearpocalypse.
The Core Four envisioned a paradise for all gamers. But as the Yiddish proverb goes, “Man plans, and God laughs.” Well, in this case, the Komios planned, and the one who laughed was tech magnate Matthew Armbruster. While the Komios were building Komio City, Armbruster was activating the secret function in the thousands of robot workers in his gigafactories... the soldier function.
Armbruster marched his robot army from town to town and made the Bearpocalypse survivors in each town an offer they couldn’t refuse: If they gave Armbruster complete power over the town and its citizens, his robots would rebuild the town and defend it against the mutant bears.
And so Armbruster’s empire quickly spread across
the country. The Komios had only finished building one block of their new city by the time Armbuster’s robot army arrived. The other human survivors in the city foolishly trusted the old-world-famous Armbruster over the new creatures, the Komios, and gladly gave him the city.
Armbruster promised them a glorious new smart city, but in reality, it was only glorious for the few rich men he installed as the new city leaders. They extracted all the resources and produced goods from the city and put very little back into it, so the city became dilapidated and crime-ridden.
The komios’ vision for a society with no masters hadn’t happened. But once again, they refused to give up. The Core Four gathered all the Komios in an abandoned underground bank vault. Elaine quieted everyone down, “Thanks for coming, everybody. Things haven’t gone the way we planned, but one thing is for certain. We will not go back to being house pets!” The Komios cheered as Jerry added, “We will not go back to having masters!”
“We will not go back to being controlled!” George proclaimed as the Komios’ cheers grew louder. “We will not go back to pooping in a box!” Cosmo yelled. The cheering stopped; all the Komios went silent, unsure how to react. But Jerry couldn’t hold back his laugh, and soon all the Komios were laughing. Elaine motioned for the Komios to come in closer. “This is it. This is us. We’re Komios. We laugh together, we build together, and we fight together! Welcome to the Resistance! Let’s go!”
The Komios broke into thunderous applause and cheering. And thus started the Komios’ rebellion against Matthew Armbruster and his evil empire.
The story of KOMIO has only just begun, and with steadfast determination, we will continue to resist the dragon monopoly and all forces of evil that dare stand in our way. Our humble beginnings will never be forgotten, and we eagerly welcome those who share our unwavering faith to join us in shaping the future of KOMIO.